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     The Jazz-a-Belles were formally organized as a result of several years of strutting together in St Paddy’s Day parades and from the spirited start up of Jazz in the Pass in 1999.
     Sparked by the Lark – Lark Johnson, that is – the group of ladies adapted to a uniform dress of Black and White costumery as they tote ornately designed Jazz umbrellas.  It’s truly a great thrill to see nearly 20 ladies doing the traditional Second Line Strut.  Where ever they go, crowds gather around as many of the onlookers are harangued into joining in at the back of the line with their handkerchiefs flowing in mimicking a good old New Orleans style Jazz funeral.
     Lead Strutter, Lark Johnson exuberantly explains that, “We love a parade and love to be in a parade that has jazzed-up music.”  
     Many of the members are outgrowths from the Coast’s Newcomers Club and are thrilled to join in with local natives.  The group is open to new membership and is willing to perform at any group function along the Coast.  For information, contact jaylark3@cableone.net .
     To see them in action:  Visit the only jiving, jazzing, community on the Gulf Coast.  
Visit the St. Paddy Krewe of Blarney Half-Fast Walkin Parade -- Sunday before March 17.
Visit the only Jazz Festival on the Coast -- Mother's Day Saturday at the Park in the Pass.